Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Foosball Is A Fun Indoor Activity For You And Your Family

If you are looking for a fun activity for you and your family but don't have the time for a family outing or simply don't want to go out, then getting a Foosball table for your family might just be the perfect thing for you! You can enjoy playing Foosball with all the members of your family within the comfort of your own home. Foosball is a miniature soccer game for two to four players where you try to score goals by controlling miniature soccer players attached to metal rods on an enclosed table.

What Is It?

Foosball is derived from football which, in America, is called soccer.  Foosball is a tabletop miniature soccer game with little painted plastic soccer player models attached to turnable metal rods. The metal rods allow the player to move the models left to right and twist and flick them to control the ball. Just like in soccer, the objective in Foosball is to put the ball into your opponent's goal while, at the same time, keeping the ball out of your own goal. 

The miniature soccer player models in Foosball cannot move forward or backward. They can only move left to right and do kicking motions by flipping or or turning the metal rods. None of the miniature player models touch each other and, unlike soccer, there is no goalkeeper who handles the ball in Foosball.  Instead there is either a single player in front of goal or a line of three players to protect the goal, depending on the typ off ffosball table you have.  

Foosball tables are commonly 56” long and 36” wide.  The price you pay will depend on the type and specification of your table.  You can purchase table for $100 or $1,000s. You are going to need space for your Foosball table at home. Many people put their Foosball tables in the basement or put in in a games room.

How Do You Play Foosball?

A Foosball game starts with one player delivering a serve. Who gets to deliver the serve can be determined by rock, paper, scissors or a coin flip. The winner get to decide which side he plays on and who gets to serve first. The server has to place the ball on one of his mini players on his half of the table. Some of the newer tables have ducts where the server can drop the ball onto. Cheaper and older tables may not have these ducts. Once the ball starts moving, the ball is now “in play”. Players can call time outs for up to a maximum of three. 

When a player scores a goal, the other player, the one who was scored against, gets to deliver the next serve. If the ball flies out of the table, the defending player gets to deliver the next serve. Or if it is unclear who was defending at that time, the previous server will serve again. There are times when the ball goes to a place on the table that is unreachable by either player. When this happens, the player who previously served gets to serve again.

Fun Indoor Activity For The  Whole Family

Foosball can be played singles or doubles, that is one versus one or two versus two respectively. If you are looking for a great activity for your family that is exciting to play and watch, and can even get you sweating, then buying a foosball table is a decision you won't regret.  If you want to get better and learn soome Foosball tips you can even compete in your local Foosball clubs.

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